i-Depsys: The Intelligent Drop Box

In the live table gaming sector where large volumes of notes are dealt with daily, it is important to operate efficiently and increase profits by streamlining and speeding up the cash counting process


Some casino spin rates are as low as 14 spins an hour. Increasing the speed at which money can be counted and processed will increase productivity and in turn drop. i-depsys is a very fast and intelligent cash handling system that allows operators to count large sums of cash quickly, and by using the most reliable optical systems, safely. Furthermore i-depsys extends your control of the cash counted, right to the heart of your organizations financial structure from start to finish.


Firstly, the dealer handles the notes only once, when placing them in the unit. The money is stored in a secure drop safe and like traditional drop boxes it can only be removed from the table with a key. Once removed the casino have the confidence of knowing exactly how much money is in the drop box. This enables the opportunity to create staff efficiencies by reducing the number of staff required to collect drop safes as the exact drop is already recorded on back office software-Cashview. All this adds up to less opportunities for theft within the casino.

Real-Time Reporting

All activity and count information is recorded and displayed in real time, so for the first time operators know the exact cash position of their business at any time. No more variance between estimated and actual drop. This allows operators to accurately forecast and proactively manage their cash estate, potentially emptying only those slots and tables that require emptying.

Key Features

-Integrated into any gaming table 

-Real time cash report

-Easy integration accounting/banking system

-Mixed denomination count

-CCTV footage note count

-Ultra violet & infrared counterfeit note detection

-Faster than manual counting

-Fast cash to chips conversion



The intelligent drop box can be integrated into any gaming table. It is discrete, functional, robust, compact and it sits conveniently where it is speedily operated by the Croupier. Its displays are smart and clearly visible to both the customer and the Croupier. The first major delay in handling cash is the time it takes to convert a player’s stack of banknotes to chips.

The process involves the dealer sorting the notes, determining if they are legal tender or forgeries, counting them, in some circumstances waiting for the Pit Boss to authorize them and storing them. Using the “intelligent drop box”, this process is drastically streamlined. Firstly, it can be programmed to accept any major currency and the denominations can be mixed. The notes, up to 200 at a time are simply placed in the Intelligent Drop box where they are counted. At this point, the notes are held in a secure escrow area where they remain in full view until the transaction is approved by the dealer and customer.

Increase in Productivity

Where large volumes of cash are traded at the table game play rates can suffer dramatically as manual procedures dictate the process and reduce the speed of the game. i-depsys can typically process and deposit large volumes of mixed denomination cash resulting in increased game play rates of over 40%. This can improve bottom line figures considerably.